Bantam Blue 


Bantam Blue (founded 2009) evolved from Lee Photographics (founded 1977) in being the One Stop Shop for innovative design and creativity.


The main Studio is based in Lincolnshire, however Clients' work is taken on all over the Globe.


Clients have all the top software at their disposal, whether they want a 360 shot of their product for their website, or some creative augmented reality scenario, or some specialist packaging designed.


Bantam Blue can take a client right from inception of a logo design, to pack design, to a multi media platform of selling, with product shoots (still, or video) to web design for effective online selling and content marketing.


To compliment online selling, or as a separate entity, Bantam Blue can design a Client's Catalogues/Brochures/Flyers, so branding and themes are constant throughout.


Catalogue design is a speciality, coupled with print and production advice for whatever a Client requires. 




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